Co-curricular activities form an integral part of a student's life. Competitions in games, sports, art, science educational visits etc., are some of the CCA of the school. Activities are held on the basis of house system. Events for exhibiting individual talents are also included in CCA. For primary and secondary different kinds of activities are planned. In general , school conducts activities such as essay writing, group song , group dance, elocution, debate, dumb charades, poem writing, fancy dress etc.



Art Competition (Open)

Art Competition (Open)

English Calligraphy(Open)

On the spot Poetry Writing (Open)

Hindi/Tamil Story Telling (1-2)

Solar Singing (I)

Hindi Tamil Elocution (3-5)

English Elocution (I)

Clay Modelling (1-2) (Open)

Hindi/Tamil Elocution (I)

Pot Painting (3-5) (Open)

Group Song (G)

English Story Telling (1-2) (I)

Mock Parliament (G)

English Elocution (3-5) (I)

Science Quiz (G)

Fancy Dress (Open) (3-5) (I)

English Debate (G)

My Favourite National Leader (Open) (3-5)

Hindi/Tamil Debate (G)

Solo Dance (1-5) (I)

Group Dance (G)

Group Singing (G)

Rangoli (G)

Memory Test (1-2) (Open)

Junk Art (G)

Essay Writing (3-5) (Open)

Quiz (G)

Collage (1-2) (G)

Super House

Quiz (3-5) (G)


NOTE:- (i) The dates for the various events/programmes would be decided by the individual schools.

(ii) (G) – Group; (I) – Individual; (O) – Open.

(iii) A student can participate in two individual events, three group events and any number of open events.

(iv) The change (if any) in schedule, category or number of events to be allowed to the students lies solely at the discretion of the individual schools.


Besides then competition, the student take part in celebrating Gandhi Jayanti, Independence day, Children's day, Teachers day & National Education day, Vigilance Awareness weak & Communal Harmony week are also observed in a fitting manner. Students of our School participate in ALL INDIA MUSIC COMPETITION, ALL INDIA QUIZ , ALL INDIA ART COMPETITION, Chemistry week and brought laurels to our school.

Inter AEES competitions are conducted every year in the fields of Music, Art and Sports. Thus co-curricular activities give lot of scope to the student to express their talents.